About Us

About Us...
After the traumatic begin of 2020, our founder started to think of ways she could surround herself in the beauty of the black culture. It was hard looking around seeing our black brothers and sisters killed at the hands of people who see our blackness as a weapon. 
As a minority college student our founder was never able to find the planner that gave her everything she needed as a student. Additionally, she grew up as a black young woman watching how the world seemed to cater to everyone but the black women. What started as a mere idea of creating something that every black women could use for her success, turned into what is now The Black Period Planner. 
The Black Period Planner is a luxury and lifestyle brand for every black woman that is juggling school, work, and self. It's appealing look is a reminder that black women are deserving and worthy of the most beautiful things life has to offer. 
The ultimate goal is for every minority colored girl to have a  planner that was personally designed for them and their success. It's pages are covered with inspirational quotes and facts from other black people of influence.